Villageville is the first location that the player will discover. The player starts off in Gomez's house and then exits the house to get to the village. Gomez has received a letter telling him to go to the top of the village. Once the player has done that, Gomez will have a conversation with Geezer, the person who sent them the letter, and will then go through a cutscene that introduces the mechanic of rotating, as well as showing the hexahedron break. The player can then move around through the village and look for cube pieces. Only one piece is needed to open the 2-cube-door area. In total there are eight cube pieces scattered around the village: four are inside houses, and another four are outside in the village. There are also two anti-cubes in the area, as well as two chests which both contain keys. If a key is used to open the locked door in the village, the player will find the boiler room, which contains a treasure map.

Cube locations[edit | edit source]

Anti-cube locations[edit | edit source]

  1. In the boiler room, by interpreting the tetrominoes on the walls as button presses and the symbols next to them as numbers, it is possible to get an anti-cube. Since some of the code is always hidden behind a boiler in the room, this puzzle requires first-person view to solve.
  1. In the first house above Gomez's house, an anti-cube can be found by rotating left and right based on which side each person in a picture seen by entering the room and turning right is wearing their fez (right right left right left left left right). 

Key locations[edit | edit source]

  1. Entering the first house above Gomez's house and going through the hole in the fireplace, the player will get to a hidden room that contains a chest with a key.
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