A list of things on this wikia that needs to be worked on or created, please add your username below the task if you're working on it and the date you started working on it (there are no deadlines, just good to know how long something has been worked on), and if you think the task is completed, remove it from the list.

Picture[edit | edit source]

Please help with expanding the gallery with pictures of places and NPCs etc. GIFs are appreciated when suitable. See Rules and Guidelines for image guidelines.

Ewyy has all the sprites for characters and objects, as well as some rooms, and unused material, so if you need images for a page (not possible to upload every image as they will not be used) just send her a message and she'll try to fix them for you!

  1. The remaining hidden images on the FEZ OST page. They probably need to be created from scratch.
  2. Images of all the hubs and rooms, preferably where all of the hub can be seen in one picture (zoomed out), if possible.
  3. Animated sprites for all characters and animals.

Text[edit | edit source]

Any information or valid text added to the wikia is appreciated. See Rules and Guidelines for text and writing guidelines

Where to start/edit:

  1. Expanding stub articles
  2. Edit clean up pages
  3. Quotes missing on the pages for characters.


  1. A page with all the achievements across different platforms (Steam, Xbox, PS) with name, image and a short description. See e.g Fallout wiki for layout
  2. A page for the hexahedron

Maps[edit | edit source]

  1. The biggest task is to map out all the levels and rooms in FEZ, this is a huge task that needs the help of many people. If you want to start with this then give the hub a fitting name (e.g the room with a huge waterfall should be named 'Waterfall Hub'), link the new room page on this page. And it would be nice to have some way, other than just links, to navigate between the different hub pages.
  • aaay (I'm working on this task, starting with the area that the player starts in. I've created a page called Village, and started expanding from there.)
  • All-Seeing Skeleton (I am working on this too, I've created the page 4-cube-ruins during 8 June 2020 which talks about the ruins you can explore once you got 4 cubes.

Resources[edit | edit source]

Some links that could help you in working on the wiki.

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