The Hexahedron is a massive cube made of yellow tetromino pieces. Its function is to protect dimensions from collapse.


You can see it after talking to Geezer, which leads you to a mysterious cave with four columns and titanic statues of persons with Fezs surrounding you and the Hexahedron.

The Hexahedron will start talking to you in Zu Language, saying :

  • "Hi, there! How are you? I will be your hexahedron today."
  • "So this is just a routine procedure, but I do need someone here just in case something goes wrong."
  • "If something does go wrong, you are going to have to clean up the mess."
  • "Hey, wait a minute! Can you even understand what I am saying? And what is wrong with your head?"
  • "Oh well. You are here now. Might as well do this thing. Prepare to have your mind blown."

After that brief monologue, the background will disappear, only leaving the columns, your platform and a starry sky.

The Hexahedron will make you hover while rotating the perspective faster and faster. After that, it will say:

  • "All right. Welcome to the club. Enjoy your free hat."
  • "I kind of thought maybe this would not work because of your weird head, but everything seems OK from over here!"
  • "Thanks for the hand! You can go home now. It was very nice to meet you!"

Then, a white beam will appear above you with a fez slowly going down to fall on your head.

Once it lands on Gomez's head, red beams will come out of it for a couple of seconds before disappearing, showing that the Fez is now yours, giving you the power to rotate your perspective.

The game will tell you to press buttons on your controller to change perspective, making the Hexahedron spin quickly before it completely collapses, making the game crash.

After that, you will wake up in your room with your Fez and still have the ability to change perspective.

Once you go out, a short cutscene will be shown where you can see Dot going down and circling around Villageville, to finally come to you and beg for your help to reconstruct the Hexahedron.

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