Heart Cubes (also known as Red Cubes by fans) are extremely rare and hard to acquire collectables in FEZ.

Heart Cubes
Vital statistics
Type Cube
Effects Unlocks Love Cube in the Temple of Love
Source Three specific puzzles
Cost to buy N/A
Cost to sell N/A

Trivia Edit

  • Heart Cubes have no official name.
  • There are only three collectible Heart Cubes in FEZ, one in the Observatory, another in the Metatron Room, and another one in the Monolith Room.
  • There is a non-collectible Heart Cube (known by fans as the Love Cube) in the Temple of Love that only appears in when the previously mentioned three Heart Cubes have been collected. Entering a certain code will make it disapear, and restart the game. (see Temple of Love for more detail)
  • The design of all four of the Heart Cubes is widely believed to be a reference to the Kokoromi logo.
  • Heart Cubes do not appear in your inventory.
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