Ghost Sprite

The Ghosts can be seen in the graveyard area. They are invisible unless there is a flash of lighting, illuminating their silhouette (similar to the platforms in the area), and will only appear when spoken too, though they are still semi-transparent. They will help the player in the graveyard area by giving hints when spoken to. One of the ghosts, in particular, seems really fond of owls.


  • "Because you can't see something, doesn't mean it's not there." - Hint about the 'invisible' platforms
  • "Look for the owls."
  • "Have you found the crypt yet? That place makes no sense!"
  • "It could be worst, I could be dead.
  • "Afterlife. Outerspace. Afterspace. Outerlife."
  • "Owls creep me out... But I forget why..."
  • "Don't believe the hypercube."

Ghost talking about owls:

  • "Oh, man!  Do you know what I love? Owls! Owls are the best! Creatures of the night, like me! That's why I hang out here so much."


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