Geezer's Sprite

Geezer used to be the 'Fez Guy', just like Gomez is now, but due to old age and his eyepatch, he can no longer view the third dimension, and thus passed it on to Gomez. He is wearing a black eyepatch over his right eye, and a dark red fez which looks like a worn-out version of the fez Gomez wears. He is also using a cane.

Geezer first appears at the top of the village, and can later be found in his house.


  • "Ha! There are you! Today is special day. Adventure is ready! It's Gomez time! ... Anytime now just you wa-! There you go." - When meeting Geezer at the top of the Village, before receiving the fez.
  • "Dear Gomez, Please meet me at top of village. I have something very important to tell you. Today is special day. - Geezer" - In his letter to Gomez
  • "It's been so long time. It's your turn now. I'm tired. Plus there's the eye thing." When talking to him in his house
  • "Adventure is you! Please find the cube shards. Restore the hexahedron. I'll explain you later. now go! Let's 3D adventure begin!" - After receiving the fez and the 3D-glasses in NG+, enabling first-person view.

Unused QuotesEdit

  • "You can't read it? Foolish reader!"[citation needed]
  • "To pick something up, stand next to it and press ↓ on the D-pad"[citation needed]


  • Geezer's one eye is a reference to "Mimir's well of Urd" [citation needed]



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