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NOTE: Proceed with caution, as there are puzzle spoilers for this game spread throughout the articles.

FEZ Cover Art

FEZ Cover Art, by Bryan Lee O'Malley

FEZ is a puzzle platformer where you play as Gomez, who lives in a world that he believed to be 2D until he is granted a fez, and the ability to see the world in 3D. Gomez has to use this ability to gather cube shards and restore the great cube and thus prevent the universe from collapsing.

FEZ is an independent video game developed by Polytron Corporation, made up of Phil Fish (design and art) and Renaud Bédard (programming), with music created by Rich 'Disasterpeace' Vreeland. The game is published by Polytron, Trapdoor, and Microsoft Studios. FEZ was released in 2012, available only as a Xbox 360 Live Arcade game, but was later released for the following platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows (2013)  
  • Linux (2013)
  • OS X (2013)    
  • Playstation 3 (2014)  
  • Playstation 4 (2014)  
  • Playstation Vita (2014)
  • iOS (2017)
  • Nintendo Switch (April 14, 2021)
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