The 4-cube ruins is a place where you can go once you got 4 cubes through the Central Hub.

Fez ruins

The 4-cube Ruins

This place contains cube fragments and lore content, and was apparently occupied by an ancient civilization.

You cannot rotate perspective in the rooms. The reason of this is unknown.

Left BuildingEdit

The left building contains one room with an engraving showing four people hunting a wild creature, dancing around its dead body and cooking it on a fireplace.

Ruins Left Room

Central Building Edit

The central building has three rooms.

  • The bottom room contains three couchs and a cube fragment.
  • The central room contains a rusty cauldron, two empty shelves and another cube fragment.
  • The top room is almost fully consumed by a blackhole.
Ruins Central Bottom Room
Ruins Central Top Room
Ruins Central Room

Right Building Edit

The right building contains a tablet which represents an owl, apparently shown as a god, with four people bowing to it.

Ruins Right Room
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