The 32 Cube Ending is the first ending in the game that you will likely get. You get this ending by have 32-63 cubes in total. It is just titled that because it is likely people will go ahead and get the ending once they have 32 cubes.

The ending starts out with Gomez in the starting area with the whole place becoming more and more pixelated. Then everything focuses on the fez Gomez is wearing and the ending starts to get really trippy. After that, the camera zooms out to Gomez playing his drums and then the credits roll. Afterwards, you get the First Person Shades, which lets you get the remaining cubes that you couldn't get earlier.

It does not matter how many normal or anti-cubes you get; the only thing that matters is that you have at least 32 cubes in total, but not 64 cubes. Also, the reason you need 32 cubes to get this ending is because there is a cube door that requires 32 cubes to be opened that lets you access the final area of the game.

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